Wednesday, June 19, 2013

SAAC - June 15-17th, 2013

It seems like it's taking me forever to get up trial summaries these days and when I do they're really brief. Hey, if pictures are worth a thousand words, six videos must be worth six hundred thousand words right?
Sunday night party 3:15am and two 4:30am wake-
up calls make for sleepy canines (and one sleepy human)......

The SAAC trials at High Goal Farm are as close as we get to a real agility facility here in northern Vermont. Big, open, great footing,'s one of my favorite trial sites. The downside? It's still over two hours away, even though it's only 93 miles as the crow flies. The other downside? The closest hotels are nearly 20-40 minutes away in Saratoga...If only perfection was in my backyard... So, Saturday began with a 3:15 wake-up call and a 4:05 departure (pit stop at the only 24 hour Dunkin in chittenden county, which luckily is less than a mile from my house - we have 24hr DD but no agility facilities - that's ass-backwards!). At least 4am in June is light-ish, there were no cows crossing the road this time and aside from a few deer we had a critter-free journey.

This venue in June can be a little dicey. It can be very hot and there's NO ventilation. Doors and windows stay closed and it's roasty. In the 80's this weekend the dogs stayed pretty cool in the shade covered car, but poor Teller wilted when he came into the building. He ran for me - because Teller would never say no to playing with me when I asked. But he was pokier than I've become accustomed to. Message received Teller, I won't enter you in any un-air conditioned facilities in the summer - oh well, except for the Vermont shows. It's home show dude I'll hook you up with a doggie swamp cooler OK?

Teller decided it was his weekend to be a rock-star bringing home two double-Q's and 60 points on his 5 for 6 weekend. Teller came out of his weaves on his last run of the weekend - I completely missed it, see what happens when you take your eyes off your dog? Saturday was Teller's 80th career QQ. He needs a few more points for his MACH four - we'll keep chasing.




Kip had a so-so weekend, three masters JWW legs (with three placements - 2nd, 3rd and 3rd) and 32 MACH points, but three masters standard NQs with mostly handler errors. Saturday I got caught behind the judge after the a-frame, struggled to catch up and didn't get a proper deceleration cue to turn after the chute.

Sunday's standard NQ was again on me - I walked the course one way - thought for sure I could serp the like from the chute to the triple. Second-guessed my dog and tried to do a front to a rear to the table. Kip read the front, didn't read the rear well and turned away from the jump after the triple. Bad handling and I was really angry with myself for not trusting my dog. FWIW, I did the serp line with Teller and it worked for him. Alas.

Monday I lost Kip's head on a front cross, he read acceleration to a-frame after the dogwalk, when I picked him up I was in front of the bar for the double. He ran around and that was that. Having already NQ'ed I left him in the weaves, moved off laterally for the front cross to the final line. He stayed in his weave, took the panel and we had a reasonably pretty line that fried a lot more seasoned dogs.

And we ended the weekend with custard from the super amazing "Ice Cream Man" in Greenwich!

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