Monday, May 06, 2013

TMAC - May 4-5, 2013

We're back from our weekend in Conneticut. Perhaps our greatest accomplishment was that all four of us made it through the weekend without getting any ticks. I freakin' hate ticks, hate em, hate em, hate em!! I kept the boys on the short grass, away from tree lines and kept them liberally coated with Sirius in Vermont's No Flies on Me. It worked!
It's 5am, time to get up!!!

Teller had a 50% weekend - two 13 point JWW runs. Saturday's standard NQ was all me, I tried to serp a line after the a-frame (you can see it on Kip's video): Tunnel, call over a-frame, to non-wing. The weaves were the next obstacle. Teller didn't get the weave cue, curved towards me, bounced off the table and completely missed his weave entry. My bad. Sorry Woo. We didn't get this run on video - flip the coin there - see your mistake or just let it go? I know it was my fault, Teller yelled at me (rightfully so) and he got plenty of chicken.

We came back together for a pretty JWW Q Saturday afternoon.

Kip also missed the same weave entry in standard - though I handled it MUCH better for him after flunking Teller. It was an entry he typically gets in his sleep and he missed it. Oh well!

Kip's JWW run on saturday was equally pretty - I pushed a line and a bar came down out of the tunnel. Take a look at the speed he turns on afterwards though - triple, jump (blind cross) tunnel - holy shitake!

Sunday is a new day, Kip got to go first in both runs. A gorgeous standard run, but an extra #17 tunnel cost us the Q.

Kip came back strong for a JWW Q in the afternoon. I mis-handled a pinwheel (I was watching my dog and not moving my feet!) and ended up having to rear-cross a sequence - and I had to wait for him to do the rear. I probably cost us 2 seconds there (and cost us a placement to boot).

Teller NQ'ed his A-frame on Sunday morning. I had pushed that line with Kip and did the same thing with Teller and it just didn't work. Oh well. the rest was training!

JWW Q for Teller Sunday afternoon:

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