Sunday, May 12, 2013

Providence and Middlesex - May 11-12, 2013

Kippie snuggles. oh-dark thirty.
Off to Rhode Island this weekend - a long drive but a really nice venue and good footing. Complications due to life meant that we didn't get to head out until well after 6pm putting us at the hotel at 10:30pm. LONG freakin' day for the team, some bad news about a friend's dog and three dogs who had spent a good chunk of their day either sleeping or in crates made settling in tough - I don't think we got more than a couple hours sleep Friday night.

Just before heading to bed I asked Kip (snuggled into the small of my back) if he could pretty-please get 50 points this weekend. That would be super-swell baby dawg and would put us over the half way mark to his qualification for the 2014 NAC. Please Kippie Doo?

I'm too exhausted for suspense, so the summary of the weekend is as follows:
Kip came through the weekend with a perfect four for four weekend: TWO QQ's (#5 and #6) and 61 MACH points - oh and a placement in Masters Standard.

Teller not to be outdone had a credible three for four weekend, running amok in his JWW run on Saturday.Teller's tally: one QQ, 45 points.

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