Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stepping up conditioning (for all of us)

The boys have gotten a little soft lately - OK we all have. Prior to heading out west the dogs were very used to getting an hours worth of romping 3-4 nights a week as the days got incrementally longer. Since we came back though I haven't gotten them out nearly as much. 

Work has kept me busier than usual, the epic effort to undo the ravages of winter (and the dogs' output) on our landscaping, unpacking our agility equipment from the bowels of our garage...and then we've had a few trial weekends, taxes, company at the house and the inevitability of mud season has kept us home more than it should. I know - mud is fine, and golden coats will drop the mud as soon as they dry - but the thought of taking the boys out for an hour to come home to an hours worth of bathing (because it's otherwise nearly impossible to control where the dirt drops off them) and then another 20 minutes of cleaning the bathroom, washing 10 towels was just too much for my sleep-deprived body and brain to handle. 

 Now that we're (hopefully) on the other side of mud (hopefully) and the grass is getting a bit of a foothold in the dryer earth it's possible again to 'just' take the boys out for a quick romp for an hour or so, throw the frisbee, ball or bumper for a while, get everyone nice and tired out and head back home again. So last night - after a long (12 hour) work day I managed to coordinate a meet-up with a friend and two thirds of the golden pack out for a run. 

Murph stayed home yesterday - tis the season of sharing the fields with soccer kids and it's easier for me to wrangle two dogs onto the middle field with soccer balls on either side of us, than it is for me to have three - Kip and Teller need the conditioning more than Murphy does at the moment too so there you have it. Mr Murphy stayed home with a container of frozen yogurt, super unhappy that it was going to be a late dinner night again.   

I'm REALLY hoping to have the pool opened this weekend, with the first couple of swims happening around the first of May when chemicals get balanced and the water is suitable for occupation. This will make conditioning go easier for everyone and it's (honestly) the only activity I don't have to really work to get Murphy to engage ("you want me to go pick that up again? I just brought it to you, if you want it so badly, stop throwing it!"). 

 Some shots of the boys and their friend Gusto: 

Reunited and it feels so good.

Kip at two years old, not looking so teenager-like this week.

'Paw' de Deux?

Dude, please don't kill yourself. (or your crutiate)

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