Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kip's A-Frame - 04/28/13

Whew what a weekend!  Lots of chores to get done this weekend, a pager on my hip - with several hours a day of work as a result of said pager and a bit of fun for the canines as well. Van-Essa got new sneakers this afternoon - a super chic set of Bridgestone Duelers which are supposed to be good for MPG and also quiet. I was SOOOOOO ready to get those winter tires off. On a not so super note, when they took my snow tires off today it was pretty apparent that they too need to be replaced. So I left eight tires at costco this tires to store for the summer, but that also means that come November cutting over to winter tires will be (ahem) expensive.
Turf wars. Dug up a the 'race track', replaced the stones at 
the bottom of the stairs, leveled, pulled out all the damaged
turf, seeded, fertilized and roped off. Hopefully we'll have 
rapid growth of something green!!!

The remainder of the afternoon was spent fixing some turf in the backyard - digging up the boys' racetrack around the pool, pulling up damaged sod, leveling, fixing the stones at the bottom of the stairs and then putting down a grass seed composite. I also had to back-fill around the garage with stone, the previous owners built the garage on level - which does nothing for a wood-frame structure. When we resided the garage last fall we dug a trench around the outside getting the earth away from the structure. Since I fell in the trench yesterday while running a-frames with Kip, I decided it was time to get stone! It doesn't look like much, but the grass there will prevent the boys from tracking sand into the pool off their wet feet.

That left just a little bit of time to work a-frame with Kip tonight, a-frame has been at 4' and I added pool noodles yesterday morning. I'm not really looking to change his striding, he's a big boy, I don't want to require him to pound his shoulders into the ground. But, I need him to stop the pause at the top in trial. If I can build in muscle memory to leap the apex, we'll get rid of the pause. I moved the a-frame up to 5' tonight - here are a few of them:

And here we are yesterday on a 4' a-frame. Tomorrow night we'll go up to 5'4" and we'll start fading targets/noodles.

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