Sunday, April 21, 2013

BOTC - April 19-21st, 2013 - Part One

As I posted on Facebook a couple of hours ago....
I LOVE local trials! So many great laughs with friends, fun dinners out on the town, working hard all weekend with trial jobs, running two masters dogs, discovering maple liqueur, sleeping peacefully in my own bed..oh and how about that five for six weekend for Teller (two QQ's) and a four for six weekend for Kip (one QQ)? Kip finished his MX today and Teller is officially qualified for 2014 AKC Nationals (wherever they may be). Thanks Peeps, lets do it all again in about three months!

Yes, local trials are that good. It's a function of the few (and I do mean 'few' - think 5-6) dedicated local agility diehards who work their ASSES off to make the two local agility weekends special for both the other locals who trial 2-3 weekends a year and the masters folks who hoof-it around New England (and the rest of the northeast) every weekend but choose to drive all the way up here when there might very well be a trial close to home where they could sleep in their own bed. We're grateful to the Canadian exhibitors who come down to play in our sandbox too - they come with the same kind of camaraderie as the "Vermonters" I think - they too have to travel for every single agility run with their dogs. They work out their calendars every year to include this itty-bitty AKC trial and they're all making it a point to enjoy their time here.

As for the results (well other than what's in the status above), I'll cover Friday and Saturday in this post and Sunday in the next. It's the agility installment plan folks.

Kip kicked off the weekend as the second dog to run in the trial - the first 24" dog. Doncha know he goes out there Q's and takes a third place. Attaboy Kipster.

Teller had his own great start to the weekend with his own JWW Q.

Kip had a few AHHHH! moments - where he just didn't read my cues well. He more or less held it together, but coming out of the tire the young lad did not appear to even see the weaves - that's a fly-by!!!

Teller didn't want to make Kip feel badly by getting through his own standard run cleanly...As I take off down the line to the table, Teller goes and 'grabs' the panel jump. Good try buddy.

Teller's turn to run first on Saturday - he started off the morning with a solid standard Q and a pocket full of points. Super funny moment on the video thumbnail - YouTube is random.

 Kip started off Saturday with a strong run as well. Here he is bringing home MX leg #9.

Teller brings home career QQ #75 on Saturday with a Q in JWW.

Funny how some of the best runs are the ones where you flunk? This was Kip's JWW run on Saturday - he was fast, he was listening and he was everywhere I asked him to be. Smokin' run with a knocked bar. You be the judge, but I think he got it with his tail. It was a late bar.

Stay tuned for the results from BOTC day three!

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