Monday, April 08, 2013

American Lhasa Apso Club - April 6-7, 2013

I'm toying with format for these post-weekend posts, trying to decide if it makes sense to organize the content by dog, by course, by day?  Kip and Teller run quite differently - even if I end up running them similarly. Points of commitment, send-power - all of those things change how the course is run.

We haven't been back to NH in over a month with a NY trial, a couple of weeks off, Oklahoma and our annual dog show pilgrimage to Syracuse...It was nice to be back and catch up with some friends we haven't seen in a while.

For this post I'll clump videos by course and in the order with which they ran..starting with
Saturday Standard
Teller: Q
Kip: Q

Saturday JWW
Teller: Q
Kip: Q
Yes sports-fans that's a double-Q for Teller AND a double-Q for Kip on the same day. I announced to the judge (who is a friend of mine) that this was my first QQ + QQ for the boys - another friend piped up and actually reminded me that there were two other Excellent/Excellent and Masters/Masters QQ's that I was overlooking - wow, a little weird (and cool) that someone else knows our stats as well as I do - but officially this was our first all-masters QQQQ.

Sunday JWW
Teller: Q

Kip: Oh Mister Kip. You run like such a big boy on Saturday and a mere 16 hours later you blast around a jump on the last line because it's FASTER! (NQ)

Sunday Standard
Teller: Woo missed his weave entry ahead of the dogwalk, but the real bobbles happened at the dogwalk. It was dogwalk to a front-cross, the panel and then a 180 back towards the dogwalk. In fantastic Woo style, Mr. Man got his dog walk contact (running, no pause) and took the off-course jump ahead of him. BARKED, told me I was incredibly wrong, came back and finished in sassy-back talking Woo form. This dog gets better and better even when he's being completely ridiculous! (NQ)

Kip: Well this SHOULD have been a Q, but alas it was a big old E for Eliminated when I broke the plane on the finish eyes - I didn't even realize I'd done it until later. It was the same setup as above, Kip went wider than I thought he would after the panel and when I called him back over I stopped the clock. Game over - elimination, no time, thank you for playing. Super bummed for Kip, I hate making the mistakes - especially ones that just aren't fair to the dog. Of course Kip doesn't really care of we Q or NQ, he likes the game and the copious amounts of chicken that come with playing with da momma.

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