Sunday, February 24, 2013

Middlesex County Kennel Club - February 23-24, 2013

Yes, I'm WAY behind in my blogging. Some of you might be experiencing a sense of withdrawl :-) I've got about 15 posts in draft mode and I promise (truly) to get them posted this week!

This weekend was all about Middlesex Kennel Club in Amherst, NH. The threat of a looming snowstorm (originally predicted at 24+") was no match for our "we've got to get some mileage before TULSA" (more on that later).
Teller's QQ Cheezeburger!

Teller did not disappoint. I think his new chiropractor really has him feeling great. He's running really fast, confidently, reading my cues and listening really well. We're gelled as a team and I know with absolute certainty that I can count on him to go where I tell him to. I'm feeling so blessed that he's running so well right now - even if his dogwalk contact today was a little iffy - we'll fix that this week! So the net tally for Teller was four for four Q's - two QQ's and 59! MACH points.

Father and Son (Kip on Left; Teller on Right) Double-Double
New Math: QQ + QQ =  2 * Cheezeburger
The most improved award goes to Mr. Kip though - starting the weekend out with a baby brain moment (and missing a jump) but finishing strongly on his own with a three for four weekend with his very first Masters QQ! Kip also placed in JWW on Saturday (4th place) and Sunday (1st place!!!!). That's right sportsfans - Kip won his first masters class. He's growing up, he's coming together. I'm not loving his speed on contacts - he's creeping into his 2o2os in trial. I've got a plan and he'll have the month of March to work on his contact speed. Point tally for Kip was 33 points for the weekend.