Sunday, January 06, 2013

ACNH - January 4-6th, 2013

QQ Cheezeburger
After a three week break the boys and I were back at it in New Hampshire. This was the longest we've been 'off' in about 8 months. I can't even begin to relay how nice it was (is)! to be finally and completely caught up with all of the chores around the house. Everything got cleaned, rearranged, reorganized and/or refreshed - including the dogs. Not a lot of agility - lots and lots of hikes, romps and play though.

The boys came back as if they'd never left. Teller finishing the weekend 5 for 6 with two QQ's (Saturday and Sunday). Kipling's first  weekend in Masters JWW he went two for three for his first handful of MACH points on Friday and Sunday. Sunday he picked up an excellent standard leg as well for an Excellent/Master's double-Q. Kip needs one more Excellent Standard leg for his AX.
QQ and Birthday Cheezeburger

Sunday marked Teller's 6th birthday (I'm still trying to figure out how that happened!) and also his 66th career QQ. What a consistent honest partner he's become over the last year. It was just two years ago next weekend that he earned his very first QQ at the 2011 Southern Adirondack Agility Club Trial. If you happen to watch that video you might want to turn down the volume. There was an excessive amount of yelling!

Kipling Friday:

Teller on Friday:

Teller Saturday:

Kippie on Saturday:

Kipling's Sunday:

Sunday for Teller: