Sunday, December 16, 2012

ACNH - December 15-16th, 2012

OK, so I'm at least one trial behind  - I'll get videos from the Eastern English Springer Field Trial Association (December 1-2) posted here soon. Those videos are already on YouTube if you want immediate gratification.

Team Magica has officially closed out our 2012 trial season - I'll come up with my usual where we've been and where we want to go closer to the actual end of the year, but - there's a bit of news that needs to be shared now.

For those that have been keeping track, Teller earned MACH2 on June 7th, 2012 and I'm thrilled to announce that he buttoned up his AKC MACH3 yesterday a bit over 6 months later. You may have noticed that Teller measured down to the 20" division in June (shortly after MACH2) so we've been working with a few less points on the table than we had at 24". With not so many single Q's this time around we had to hunt down a few more points (after we finished QQ's 41-60) to complete his MACH3. He finished this MACH with 24 QQ's and did (ultimately) finish on the second run of QQ #24. It was an interesting thing to finish this MACH on points - certainly less stress - much less pressure on both of us, we knew we'd get there eventually - but it also removed the pressure of the double Q. Every run counted again. I think in AKC land we (collective WE) get really hung up on that double-Q. It counts for a lot, sure the 20 doubles for the MACH, but also 10 extra points for breed standings (towards the invitationals) - and because it's the holy grail of a good trial day I think we depreciate the value of those singles. Not the place for it here, but one of my New Years Resolutions is to be much more determined to make the singles count for something and to try not to run cautiously just for the doubles.

With MACh3 under Teller's belt there was still the small (or not so) matter of running the baby dog :-)

Kipling was a phenomenal worker this weekend. Someone mentioned to me how obviously hard he's trying - they're right - he really is trying so hard to be right. We're making mistakes, he's turning wide much of the time, there are times when he surprises me and pulls out his 'big-boy' pants and then others when he really shows me how young and inexperienced he still is. BUT...he's consistently trying, he's sticking with it and he continues to come together in ways that just amaze me. There were a couple of times this weekend where I just watched him really see a line and take ownership of getting himself there. He'll get tighter, he's going to get more consistent - but he's showing me that his foundation is there and it's good.

You'll see that I held every single contact this weekend, long enough to praise him and tell him he was right. Need to keep doing that for a while before I ever think about a quick release :-) I think I fall back to running him like Teller, I've often been too quick to release on the startline and I'm too quick to release on contacts.

Kipling on Saturday:

On Sunday Mr. Kippie added a third Ex A JWW to his resume earning his AXJ. He'll now move up to MASTERS to play with the big boys in January :-)

Kipling on Sunday:

Teller had some really nice runs on Sunday - but with PMS (post-MACH Syndrome) firmly entrenched in our cosmic Qi we had a lovely double NQ today with funny (and unusual) mistakes. Really Teller, crossing IN FRONT of me to grab the wrong end of the tunnel?? We had fun and it's MUCH easier to laugh at silly Woo the day after finishing a big title!

This weekend there was a professional videographer setup taping every single run of the weekend. I ended up buying all eight runs and will upload those to YouTube when they arrive in my inbox - for now of course we have the old stand-by from my trusty-rusty camera :-)

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