Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Cluster - November 23-26th, 2012

Four days of the biggest show on dirt! Four rings of agility - twelve rings of conformation, three rings of obedience and two rings of rally. Lots and lots of great shopping, seeing friends we only see a couple of times a year - and (as far as Teller is concerned) - four days of running on the best footing we'll see all year.

Kippie wasn't entered this weekend, with so many rings I didn't want to deal with conflicts, multiple walks being in two rings at the same time. I also wasn't sure what he'd think of the environment, it's TOO MUCH for a lot of dogs. Murphy's one trip to the cluster was an unmitigated disaster - he was so stressed from all of the activity, other dogs, so many people watching him. He (and I) were miserable.

Teller thrives on the chaos, loves having people watch him and well, loves playing agility :-) He also loves tunnels (gah!) - a little too much this weekend actually!





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