Monday, November 19, 2012

Middlesex County Kennel Club - November 17-18, 2012

Home from another weekend in Amherst, NH - it just so happens to have been the one year anniversary of Teller's first MACH - It was weird to go back to this club once again with 19QQs in our pocket for MACH3 (but needing a few more points above and beyond what we'd get on a typical double-Q - or QQ+QQ weekend).

My perfectTeller had a 'perfect' weekend - going four for four with decent points in all of his runs. We're still short some points for that MACH3, but it's nice to have all of those QQ's buttoned up in our pocket!

Kipling had a decent weekend. I took out a panel jump in his Saturday Standard run, I went in deeper than I'd wanted to on a front cross (to keep him out of the WC weaves) and well, when I finished rotating there was the wing to the panel. It was a spectacular crash! We salvaged the day with a JWW Q for Kippie :-)

In Sunday's standard Kipling came off the dogwalk to ummm, visit a ring crew. OK Kippie, that's a little weird, but the rest of the run was more or less OK. In today's JWW, Kippie just lost focus - came off a line I thought he'd see, but came back, settled a bit and finished with me. It's all good!

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