Sunday, November 11, 2012

American Bullmastiff Association - November 10-11, 2012

Back to NH this weekend for the November edition of the American Bullmastiff Club's agility offerings. What a weekend! Teller's only mistake was a table fault on Saturday's Standard run. It's a weird mistake for him to have (table fault) and even watching the tape I'm not sure why he came off the table. Satuday's JWW run was fun - a bit of chaos getting into the ring when the woman in front of us decided she needed a tissue and couldn't run, then decided she wanted to run (Drama much l;ady??).  Teller doesn't care when he runs (he's good like that) so we went to the line (despite protests of needing a tissue AND that it was her turn). Since we had nothing (no QQ) on the line I decided to push the JWW run with Teller. I did and felt really good about the run - until we were told of a timer malfunction! So for the second time in a couple of weeks, we got a re-run for time. I pushed a bit more - Teller felt a bit slower, but based on manual timing of the videos he was about 1/2 second faster the second run. I'll take it Woo Thank you!

Kipling had a phenomenal day on Saturday - one bobble in standard - some moments where he was wider than I'd like - but great weaves and good connection. Was good enough to finish his OA and OAJ titles (point of note - Kippie also finished his NA/NAJ on the same day back in September).

Sunday a new day for Teller - with two clean runs for a nice sweet QQ.

Kipling Moved up to play with the big dogs in excellent - putting me in a position to walk the course for both dogs at the same time. Just not something I've ever had to do before! He handled it better than I did (I'm still focusing on Teller's runs through his MACH3 - if we are lucky enough to finish his MACH3 this year!) - with his first AX leg (excellent standard) with a first place - and a close but no cheesecake JWW run when I under-rotated a front cross and (gasp) sent him over the wrong jump on the last line. Yes, I'm STILL kicking myself for THAT one (and probably will be for a while). My BIG boy BABY dog!

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