Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Cluster - November 23-26th, 2012

Four days of the biggest show on dirt! Four rings of agility - twelve rings of conformation, three rings of obedience and two rings of rally. Lots and lots of great shopping, seeing friends we only see a couple of times a year - and (as far as Teller is concerned) - four days of running on the best footing we'll see all year.

Kippie wasn't entered this weekend, with so many rings I didn't want to deal with conflicts, multiple walks being in two rings at the same time. I also wasn't sure what he'd think of the environment, it's TOO MUCH for a lot of dogs. Murphy's one trip to the cluster was an unmitigated disaster - he was so stressed from all of the activity, other dogs, so many people watching him. He (and I) were miserable.

Teller thrives on the chaos, loves having people watch him and well, loves playing agility :-) He also loves tunnels (gah!) - a little too much this weekend actually!





Monday, November 19, 2012

Middlesex County Kennel Club - November 17-18, 2012

Home from another weekend in Amherst, NH - it just so happens to have been the one year anniversary of Teller's first MACH - It was weird to go back to this club once again with 19QQs in our pocket for MACH3 (but needing a few more points above and beyond what we'd get on a typical double-Q - or QQ+QQ weekend).

My perfectTeller had a 'perfect' weekend - going four for four with decent points in all of his runs. We're still short some points for that MACH3, but it's nice to have all of those QQ's buttoned up in our pocket!

Kipling had a decent weekend. I took out a panel jump in his Saturday Standard run, I went in deeper than I'd wanted to on a front cross (to keep him out of the WC weaves) and well, when I finished rotating there was the wing to the panel. It was a spectacular crash! We salvaged the day with a JWW Q for Kippie :-)

In Sunday's standard Kipling came off the dogwalk to ummm, visit a ring crew. OK Kippie, that's a little weird, but the rest of the run was more or less OK. In today's JWW, Kippie just lost focus - came off a line I thought he'd see, but came back, settled a bit and finished with me. It's all good!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

American Bullmastiff Association - November 10-11, 2012

Back to NH this weekend for the November edition of the American Bullmastiff Club's agility offerings. What a weekend! Teller's only mistake was a table fault on Saturday's Standard run. It's a weird mistake for him to have (table fault) and even watching the tape I'm not sure why he came off the table. Satuday's JWW run was fun - a bit of chaos getting into the ring when the woman in front of us decided she needed a tissue and couldn't run, then decided she wanted to run (Drama much l;ady??).  Teller doesn't care when he runs (he's good like that) so we went to the line (despite protests of needing a tissue AND that it was her turn). Since we had nothing (no QQ) on the line I decided to push the JWW run with Teller. I did and felt really good about the run - until we were told of a timer malfunction! So for the second time in a couple of weeks, we got a re-run for time. I pushed a bit more - Teller felt a bit slower, but based on manual timing of the videos he was about 1/2 second faster the second run. I'll take it Woo Thank you!

Kipling had a phenomenal day on Saturday - one bobble in standard - some moments where he was wider than I'd like - but great weaves and good connection. Was good enough to finish his OA and OAJ titles (point of note - Kippie also finished his NA/NAJ on the same day back in September).

Sunday a new day for Teller - with two clean runs for a nice sweet QQ.

Kipling Moved up to play with the big dogs in excellent - putting me in a position to walk the course for both dogs at the same time. Just not something I've ever had to do before! He handled it better than I did (I'm still focusing on Teller's runs through his MACH3 - if we are lucky enough to finish his MACH3 this year!) - with his first AX leg (excellent standard) with a first place - and a close but no cheesecake JWW run when I under-rotated a front cross and (gasp) sent him over the wrong jump on the last line. Yes, I'm STILL kicking myself for THAT one (and probably will be for a while). My BIG boy BABY dog!

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Practice - November 7th, 2012

A little different arrangement this winter. We're renting a larger indoor arena on a timeshare basis. We've got a two hour block to work the dogs with a couple of friends. We've got to be a bit more organized (and less spontaneous) than last year, but in the end we have more space to work (and stretch out a bit). The goal is to have two dogs working at a time.

The plan is to come up with a design that has two working sections - providing that list to everyone the night before and let folks come up with their own sequences on the setup. Kippie and Teller are now at the point (yay) where I am working them on the same sequences. We're reinforcing contacts a lot in training, weaves too - emphasis for speed from both of them and to be honest, they both just LOVE running on dirt! Here's what we ran:

Monday, November 05, 2012

Schenectady Dog Training Club - November 3-4, 2012

Another 4am departure and another DARK drive down to Greenwich, NY this past Saturday this time for Schenectady Dog Training Club's November trial. I'm still recovering from the early darkness and the sudden chill in the air (I only closed our pool this morning when I saw snow sticking to the ground outside) so this entry will be brief...No QQ's for Team Magica this weekend. Teller picked up two JWW legs after buying wrong course tunnel entries in both of his standard runs. His contacts were great this weekend - love Saturday's dogwalk contact as I peeled off the dogwalk and got in place to layer a front-cross. Teller ran fast all weekend with respectable YPS.



Kipling continues to grow and gain confidence and maturity in his work - with four solid runs. He added one OAJ leg to his belt on Saturday for a first and Q. Kippie's mistakes were honest ones - Saturday Standard I drove him past a tunnel entry with an over compensate, Sunday JWW he had an unfortunate bar and Sunday afternoon (standard) Mr. Kippie Contact (ahh-hem) came off his A-Frame contact on my lateral movement. OK, back to work for both of us on those contacts - and I'm going to ask him to hold contacts for the next couple of weekends. Just stay there and remember Kippie :-)