Monday, September 24, 2012

Wachusett Kennel Club - September 21-23, 2012

On Friday AM (at about 4:30 in the morning) I asked Teller for two double-Q's this weekend. Yeah, I know - asking a lot isn't it - but please, Woo? Teller came through for me with a five for six weekend with two double-Q's for Woo-Woo.

 Saturday's Standard run finished with a dogwalk to jump to tunnel. I swear that Teller looked at me on the dogwalk up-ramp and gave me this look like "I totally got this Erica" and I'm thinking "ummm, you actually don't 'got this' it's not the tunnel dude". He was so committed to that tunnel I did not have a shot - there was not enough wait or TELLER to dissuade him from that tunnel. That's our achilles heel and I just can't get him to do it at home, club practice, etc - only when he's trial high. I'd say 80% of the time I can manage it with something like a blind cross at the bottom of the dogwalk - and then well...sometimes the bear gets you :-)
 Friday QQ 

Saturday JWW Q 

Sunday QQ 

Kippie was a mixed bag this weekend. Friday he was entered in T2B - his first 'grown-up' course. We had a little bobble at the end, but otherwise it was a nice solid Q for him - extending his career agility stats to seven for seven :-)
Friday T2B

Saturday Kippie packed his baby brain (of course now that he is running in Open!). He really is a baby still and while he spoiled me with his novice success, he has a long way to go before he is the steady and reliable agility partner that Teller has become. In his standard he fixated on his leash, bringing it with him over the first jump. Silly yes, but once the panel came down in a crash he lost his focus - not unlike his father he does not like to make mistakes. He came back to work, but lost focus again. That's a big fat NQ for the Kipster. He went back to his crate and came out for JWW a much more focused puppy (and he is truly STILL a puppy).

In Open JWW I made a mistake - throwing in a front-cross after a BEAUTIFUL set of weaves, startline, etc - That cost us a refusal and a disconnect. After the refusal there as a bar down and a miscue on a serp line. Interestingly enough after the serp-line failure he took the off-course weaves about 30' away and NAILED his weave entry. He came back to me down the line (after the weaves) and we finished together.

I need to remind myself that he is still very young and very green - he needs a bit of support in those big (harder) courses. We live to play another day!

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