Sunday, September 30, 2012

Talcott Mountain Agility Club (TMAC) - September 29-30, 2012

Whirlwind weekend for team Magica: dockdiving for Kippie on Friday just outside of Boston (more on that later) and then over (and down) to Connecticut for agility for Teller.

Teller ran beautifully all weekend, he's working so well for me - coming out of his crate just primed and ready to work. Our weekend  (Saturday) started with a double NQ - two wrong courses in standard and another wrong course in the afternoon JWW class as well. Both were super fun runs and I would have loved a second crack at that standard course!

Sunday we turned a new leaf with a nice double-Q - Including a STOP on his dogwalk!!! Sunday afternoon, I neglected to pay attention to the big-dog JWW ring while I was waiting to video a friend in standard. The net result was that I turned around after finishing my videographer duties to see that the 20" class was walking (yikes) and had a whopping 12 seconds left on the 8 minute walk-through. DAMMIT!!  So I missed my walk. I did get around the course once (though it took me more than 12 seconds to do so), but ended up running the course 'safely'. I just wasn't sure if I could put a front cross THERE - or THERE, so I ended up rearing the triple and taking a longer handling path on another line because I knew I could get where I needed to be and send him ahead of me into the weaves. It totally worked out for me this time with a QQ to finish off the weekend!

Sunday QQ:


And from the bad parenting department....Kippie was SURE that the huge empty wire spools in the back of the building were going to jump out and get him (to be fair he heard a deer go crashing through the woods and when he looked he just saw a giant wooden spool that in his mind must have just appeared there out of the blue). So what do you do if your puppy is afraid of something? Make him jump on it, hold a sit and then walk 6' away and take a picture. Works for us!

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