Sunday, September 09, 2012

Old Colony Agility Club - September 8th, 2012

Back to Amherst, NH for the Old Colony Agility Club Trial with Kipling and Teller. This was Kippie's third time in the ring having earned his first two NA and NAJ legs on his first two tries. Not to disappoint, Kippie came through with a baby-dog (novice) QQ earning his NA and NAJ titles on the same day - both with first placements.

For the statisticians out there, Kippie's agility career to date:
* Three days of trailing
* Six runs
* Six Qs
* Six perfect weaves/weave entries
* Five clean runs
* One refusal (when he decided a tape measure was VERY interesting).
* Four first placements
* Two second placements
* Nine held contacts
* Six startline stays
* Zero judges and ring-crew visited :-)

Wee-Man is off to open in a few weeks where hopefully he'll continue to improve on those statistics!

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How Sam Sees It said...

He's doing awesome!