Monday, September 10, 2012

Old Colony Agility Club - September 8-9th, 2012

I just posted (here) about Kipling's  weekend at OCAC. Teller too had a great weekend going three for four (QQ on Saturday).

We 'flunked' standard this morning on our dogwalk contact, which meant that I got to push JWW a bit to see what I would get if I really put pedal to the metal. I got a nice solid run - perhaps a bit better on the YPS than Saturday's JWW run, but respectable nevertheless. I've watered him, cooled him out and he's eaten the remainder of the cookies in the cooler when I discover that there's been a scribe sheet mix-up and now we have a couple of options - we can run again for time, the judge can watch (and manually time) the video or we can take SCT. According to the sheet I picked up, it was a 7 point JWW run. About average for us in the 20" class where we get a little less time than the 24" class. But you know what? Here's our chance to run it again and leave with MORE points - or less. There's no Q on the line - let's drive it like we stole it.

The result was a full second and a half improvement over the first run (if our original scribe sheet was correct) for 8 MACH points and a run that was just so heckin' fun to run!

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How Sam Sees It said...

Wow! Way to go!