Sunday, August 26, 2012

Yankee Golden Retriever Club - August 25-26th, 2012

A fun weekend at the August Edition of Yankee Golden Retriever Club's agility program. The plan was to run Kipling on Saturday and Teller Saturday and Sunday. I completely screwed up the dates though and entered Kippie on Sunday (making for a later day all around).

Gee, who to start with? Well, Teller because he's got his head on my lap at the moment :-) Statistically not Teller's best weekend, though we're a bit spoiled these days with so many really great agility weekends in a row . We left with only a JWW Q on Saturday and a Standard Q on Sunday.

Teller's Saturday JWW run was pretty lack-luster. The dog ahead of us had a massive accident IN the weaves, ring crew cleaned the heck out of it, but when we got to the weaves it was still ummm...odoriferous. Teller tip-toed through the weaves and with a record SIX crosses (blind and fronts) I felt like we just never got into a rhythm after that. It was a Q with FOUR points. I have to admit that watching the video once we're past the weaves it doesn't look as awkward as that run felt! In Saturday's standard run we were clean up until the #16 table. I moved from one side to the other at the table and he came off the table (at 1 and...) with me - partially (in a nice little 2o2o actually). I thought maybe he could fix it (pull his front legs back up) - but he just didn't understand what I wanted him to do and came off. Too bad, it was otherwise a really nice run.

Sunday Standard was of those runs where everything clicked into place ;-) Sunday JWW was probably our best run of the weekend (and there was an R and a W on that scribe sheet). Teller was booking along and missed a push (that was just not strong enough). His course time was really good despite the R and W - so I think it would have been a nice pile of points I think!

Kipling had his second trial entry today. He's still so young (and green) that I don't know what to expect from him. I'm running him a bit like a grown-up dog but today's standard run (oh look a measuring tape) reminded me that he's still a baby dog and I need to handle every obstacle with him. It was an R (thankfully you can have those in Novice) and we finished with a second placement for his second NA leg. In the afternoon, Kipling came back for a clean JWW run running like a big dog with a first placement and his second NAJ leg. There is so much space out on those novice courses (even when they're squished in a third of the ring) that I think it feels a little strange for both of us!

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