Thursday, August 16, 2012

Swimming under Surveillance - August 16th, 2012

As I was busy running around this evening (baking a cake, vacuuming the entire house, cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms, laundry, etc) I decided to let the dogs have free access to the pool. How long would they swim without any encouragement? As it turns out Kippie in particular will play in the pool until you drag his skinny hiney out of the pool and tie the gate shut. Teller will go in and out of the pool, retrieving a couple of toys, then shaking off, watching and repeating and Murphy will pace back and forth and up and down worrying about why his supper is late (and wondering why the other two aren't equally disturbed by delay of meal). Of course I was checking in on them every few minutes to make sure that they were swimming well and taking mini-breaks out of the water.

Here's a couple minutes of 'surveillance' video of the boys in the pool. I'm happy to report that all three boys are EXHAUSTED and will sleep very well tonight :-)

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