Saturday, August 04, 2012

Kipling's Trial Debut!!! August 4th, 2012

Baby-dog QQ in his first ever trial!
Kipling is 15 months now, 'legal' for AKC agility events..I'm not in a hurry to trial him, he's got more growing up to do (mostly mentally!) but he's at a point where I needed to see where he was training-wise. I was 90% sure that he would not leave me in the ring (and those who know me know that leaving the ring, leaving the momma is the only offense that would get one of my yellows marched out of the ring), but what else? Can we get through a course - a strange teeter? A chute someplace other than our backyard? How about a dogwalk? A Triple? Can we pull together an entire course of 15-20 obstacles?

The video is below, the spoiler is the image to the right and the video below :-) I could not have asked Kipling to do anything better than he gave me. He was pretty speedy, he listened to everything I asked of him, we entered the ring together and we left the ring together. He waited to be released from the startline, from the contacts and from the table. He was conscious of the bars - all of them AND he nailed his weave entries - one at speed (the other off the table). Not only did he have two clean runs today - his runs were really pretty! It was good enough for a first placement in standard and a second placement in JWW (by a fraction of a second).

That'll do Kippie, that'll do!

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