Sunday, August 05, 2012

ACNH - August 5th, 2012

QQ Cheezeburgers times two.
Teller's weekend was two Q's in four runs - thankfully those two were on the same day! It seems that we're feast or famine - double Q or double NQ. Saturday JWW he had a bar on a pinwheel and Saturday Standard he had a wrong course following the chute. The bar looks like it was a mis-step (happens), but the wrong course was mine - I pushed a line to do a landing side front cross (chute, double) when I really should have driven to the end of the chute and front-crossed before the double. My description probably doesn't help much, other than being behind the double with acceleration out of the chute meant that Teller failed to negotiate the turn after the chute and took a very attractive off-course option ;-)

Today was MUCH MUCH better - Teller had two smooth runs today for his 49th Excellent B QQ :-)

For the weekend, I have to say it was a complete rush to run the baby dog - I didn't know what to expect from Kippie at all. I know that he knows the pieces, I know that I can get through a course with minimal self injury, but we all know that novice runs can go wrong any number of ways (we shall not count the ways) and to walk out there with a 15 month old 'green' dog and nail two courses on his very first trial experience was just so much fun. Sure, our runs will fall apart from time to time. He'll make mistakes, I'll make mistakes. He'll get faster (which means we'll have to figure each other out all over again) and he'll get ring-wise (which is neither good or bad) - but he started his career on such a positive note I could not be prouder. Way to represent for your daddy Kippie.

I only entered Kipling for yesterday, his next trial is some time down the road - by design actually the 'next trial' was originally going to be his debut (but then circumstances changed a little). Someone at the trial today asked me today if I regretted not entering him today (or next weekend, or the weekend after, or...). And the answer is no, I don't. He's a baby dog. I have no desire to rush him along. He'll come along nice and slow and every once in a while he'll get to go play in the ring to see what I have and what I need to work on. This year is Teller's year - Teller's time. Kippie's time will come - but only when he's ready to go out and really make it happen.

I also found a bit more appreciation for Teller too - who is just so honest, consistent and dependable. I know that he's not going to blow me off, he's not likely to get silly and he'll save my butt if I need him to :-) These two boys make all of the sacrifice, training and travel worth it every single moment we're playing together. I'm honored and grateful that they play this game with me.

And Murphy? Yes, he got some cheeseburgers too - when there's a good weekend they all share the love :-)

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