Sunday, July 22, 2012

Everything Canine Match - July 22nd, 2012

Mr. Kippie's first match today at Everything Canine. My criteria was pretty low for this event - stay with me, we enter the ring together, we leave the ring together, get some work in between. I got quite a bit more than that - I got solid contacts and a couple of nice trips around an open course and a novice course. We had some sniffing in the weaves (and had to re-attempt them a couple of times) - probably because of a previous pee-pee in the ring. No biggie though, he didn't mark the spot (THANK DOG) and he eventually worked through it. I see that as a mileage thing - he's still figuring out his job and like reading a job description he hasn't gotten to the part about "playing the game is more fun than random smells, stray treats or ring crew". He'll get there - and I'd imagine he's going to get there quickly!

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