Sunday, July 08, 2012

CSSC/MCKC - July 7-8, 2012

Teller had a decent weekend at the CSSC/MCKC trial in Rhode Island going 5 for 6 for the weekend: Two JWW Qs and one standard, one FAST and one T2B Q. Saturday standard's weave bobble was all me - I didn't handle a rear weave cross weave. So that's one more QQ under our belts to MACH3!

A bit of latency from Teller this weekend - he measured down to the 20" class, this was his first weekend at the new height and he really seemed to be thinking about the striding a bit. Teller can be so analytic sometimes and here's a clear-cut case of "thinking woo".

His striding improved over the weekend though - he'll come back together. Points were so-so this weekend. First there didn't seem to be a lot to be had and his times were pretty close to his typical 24" YPS.

There's more to come tomorrow with some photos and some video of Kippie's first agility fieldtrip (on our way to Rhode Island).

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