Monday, June 18, 2012

Southern Adirondack Agility Club - June 16-18th, 2012

Ahhhh, Saratoga. My old stomping grounds, I'll spare the alma mater song - but it's always fun to go back to my college town and exist in it as an adult. A few of my favorite places are still there and I always love to hit up Roma's Importing for a sandwich (though these days it's a breadless sandwich - chef's salad really).
Kipling got his own tailgating chair...Thank you Kinney Drugs
for having such a pretty 'boy dog' chair on sale this week.

Teller LOVES High Goal Farm - even without air conditioning, he really loves the footing there and consistently has good runs at this venue. I think he still prefers dirt over rubber and turf, but he seems to like the crown matting over the synthetic turf. I speculate it's because he can hear his feet - but who know's what he's really thinking inside that enormous head of his!!!

Saturday we were all out of bed by 3:15am and on the road by 4am. Yeah, we're a little nuts us agility folk. That's how we roll. Teller and I started the weekend with a knocked bar in JWW - and by knocked - he crashed it, never getting lift. Not his usual careful jumping style, but it wasn't a fall and he carried on merrily. He came back strongly with a standard Q.

Teller's 42nd QQ.
Sunday we started with standard and despite one hairy moment when Woo read a push as a flip (from dogwalk to the weaves of all things) we had a nice Q with a 3rd placement. In JWW that afternoon however, Teller popped out of the weaves at pole 10. Not really sure why, I think I stayed on my line, but it doesn't matter. In general, I don't often repeat weaves - he knows his job and I know that after a mistake like that he will come back the next day and pay attention to not making a mistake in the weaves. It's who he is. But, it's also who he is that he gets a little silly after a mistake and silly Woo does make an appearance ;-)

Monday all of our stars aligned for a JWW Q in the morning and both a standard Q and a T2B leg in the afternoon. In all we left Greenwich with three standard Q's, one JWW Q, one T2B Q and 78 MACH points - a pretty good weekend for a Woo :-)



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