Sunday, June 10, 2012

SoBerk Golden Retriever Club - June 8-10th, 2012

Woo shares his MACH cheezeburger with friends.
What a weekend for Teller! I didn't count all the points yet - more on that in a moment -  but it was in the neighborhood of 70 MACH points over the three days, three JWW legs, two Standard legs - running 5 for 6 this weekend. Two double-Q's....

Sports fans out there might guess that we were getting pretty damn close to MACH2. Teller went 11 months from his first QQ to his first MACH, this time around we were a bit over 6 months from QQ #21 to MACH2. My consistent honest boy! We got that MACH2 on Saturday in grand style with a tippie-toe in the dogwalk contact. It was so close I look to the crowd for Q confirmation! 

Teller fresh out of the car this evening
after a 4 hour drive home.
The great folks at Southern Berkshire Golden Retriever Club had phenomenal ribbons and the Canine Health Events group (co-sponsoring the trial) had MACH ribbons as well - We got two ribbons for MACH2!!! I promised Ann that I'd put together a cheesy remix MACH video - there will be one, when I've caught up on sleep!

Sunday's QQ put us on our path to MACH3!

I didn't get today's standard run on video and our Friday Standard run was classic "Teller goes into overachiever mode mania" - but I am so so pleased with my boy who tries so hard every time I put his leash on :-)




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