Monday, June 04, 2012

NSDTRC (USA) - June 1-4th, 2012

Four days in the Saratoga region of New York? Oh yes please!

Great judges and a fun club - loved the courses by Michele Fletcher and Karen Wlodarski.

Teller's stats for the weekend: 6 Q's in eight runs. TWO back to back double Q's and then single Q's on Sunday and Monday. We went into the weekend needing three QQ's for his MACH2 and I was hoping to get two and we did it! Teller ran so nicely and consistently all weekend, He's just so smooth to run right now and it's a blast to play the game with him.

Our mistakes on Sunday and Monday (in both our morning runs - thankfully no nineteen and a half NQ's) were somewhat random - Sunday morning Teller came off the chute. It's not clear if he saw the chute but he certainly thought he was turning to the dogwalk off the a-frame. This morning in JWW, he had an itch behind his ear which bothered him enough to miss a jump. It's all good! We finished strongly with a fantastic standard run!

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