Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kipling and the weaves - Day Five

I used two four-section pieces
of ex-pen for tonight's session
setup as above.
I think I've mentioned that my weave method is a bit different than the strict 2x2 (either Susan Garrett's or MaryEllen Barry's) - I like shaping the entries, but I also want to see footwork early on to start building muscle memory. In my intro classes I usually alternate 'ex-pen' sessions with 2x2 sessions. For my own dogs or for private lessons I usually introduce the ex-pens once the dogs are weaving six poles.

The expens allow me to push the entry without adding ME into the mix. I'll get ahead and I know the dogs will get the entry, then have an opportunity to get two 'macaroni's' without any possibility for error (well technically they COULD turn around in the middle or something, but after the first rep, they never do.

The ex-pens will come off again for the next few sessions while I continue to work forward and independence.

Also note that the looking at me behavior is already resolving as he understands the trick.

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