Sunday, May 06, 2012

TMAC - May 5-6, 2012

We're home and settled in from our weekend in Westfield, MA for TMAC's spring agility weekend. We've had better agility weekends - we broke our QQ streak and were ZERO for four this weekend - but we've certainly had worse weekends too and honestly our runs were good all weekend, Teller ran outside beautifully and we had a wonderful time with our agility peeps.

In brief:
Saturday Standard Teller strided off the dogwalk contact. It happens, the dogwalk as 2nd to last obstacle is always hit-or-miss for us. It's Teller's thing, though I do think that if I had beaten him - or tried to beat him - to the end of the dogwalk instead of supporting the dogwalk entry he'd have gotten it. So many 20" dogs fell off the dogwalk that I hung back to support the entry. The rest of the run was gorgeous - he nailed a weave entry that stymied a lot of the 20-24" classes and we had a great teeter -jump-jump-tire sequence which was also a big sticky wicket. It was one of his best standard YPS yet.

Saturday JWW - he flicked off over a wrong course before the weaves. I have to admit that I did not see that option coming. At the time I thought I put too much pressure on the line to the weaves, but looking at the video, I don't think that I pushed him over that jump.

Sunday Standard - I find out  immediately AFTER our run that Teller had a badly upset tummy and probably felt pretty crappy during that entire run - I suspect that's why he came out of the weaves. He got in, made his entry but never really committed to 12 poles. He got back in and put in a nice rest of the run - I even got in a blind at the end of the teeter.

Sunday JWW - As Ann would say "that was a hot mess". I sent Teller out to the #1 tunnel and then handled the first 90 degree turn as a LOP (lead out pivot). Teller did not read it well and fell on his face on the turn from 2-3. We saved it, I almost fell down, tweaked my ankle, hobbled a few steps, got in the front cross and we recovered - only to have the run fall apart again when I got out of position - my fault, my fault, my fault. Sorry Woo.

It's been a long time since Teller has gone without a cheeseburger for an entire weekend, so we were due for a slump. Now, if we had Q'ed this morning on that standard course I probably would have handled the beginning of the JWW course differently, but we had nothing to lose so I gambled a bit - never expected him to fall on his head though. He's already had his arnica for the evening and we'll all go to bed early tonight!

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