Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Teeter Work.

A whopping 90 degrees today in the BVT - hot for people, hot for dogs. I logged 10.5 miles in a bit over two hours this morning. My goal was 12 miles today, but I ran out of steam - and sunscreen! It's all good!

The boys got another hour and a half in the pool followed by more grooming and a blow-dry. I vacummed the pool - which is now cleaner than my house! Yardwork, etc - Weekend chores while I am oncall.

Tonight it cooled to a not so tropical 82 degrees, so I decided to give Kipling a teeter session - he's super confident on the teeter, what I wanted was to increase some speed while keeping the confidence. You'll see that I am getting more speed, but that after all that swimming and excitement of being home all weekend (as in no naps) he got tired quickly and the diminishing return thing is pretty rapid - even for a 5 minute session.

Nevertheless, I'm very happy with what I got. The baby dog is starting to come together:

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