Sunday, May 13, 2012

Providence and Middlesex Kennel Club - May 12-13, 2012

Kipling watches Excellent Standard. Kippie are we boring you?
Isn't Auntie Sharon nice to share her chair with you?
Off to Whrode Island, which is actually super fun to say and totally reminds me of this scene from The Muppet Movie. Getting there is half the fun come share it with me - Movin' Right a-looooong... There's an ear worm for you, enjoy with my compliments (GRIN).

Great site in North Smithfield's Wide World of Indoor Sports. Air Conditioned comfort, nice footing on turf, no crazy lines and stars and logos on the footing, great judges, great clubs and even better friends! We were lucky enough to stay with an agility friend - who lives on a lake. The boys - all three of them got a lot of romping around, playing with her two lovely golden ladies and SWIMMING!!! Looking at my SD card I have over 1,000 pictures from the weekend (birds, dogs, ducks, etc) to process! That is a chore for another day and another post.

Teller finished the weekend three Q's for four runs with a wrong course in standard yesterday. So we've got a handful of points and one more QQ for the team :-)

QQ Cheezeburger
After our 'no for four' last weekend in Westfield, we needed to come back strong this weekend and I feel like we did. Teller was a bit slow this weekend, he was pretty warm which I know is out of his comfort zone, but he is also due for a chiropractic adjustment - which I'll get scheduled sooner than later. I think he's feeling really good overall - he may have overdone the playing and swimming this weekend (he's not in swim-condition yet and they did swim for about an hour yesterday afternoon). Teller actually slept really hard today before and between classes which isn't his usual trial behavior. Today (Sunday) I think he was just really tired (note to self, don't let Teller completely wear himself out on trial weekends!). We didn't leave Rhode Island with a ton of points - which would have been nice as I feel like we have a bit of ground to make up points-wise, but we've been here before -  it all comes together here in time! :-)

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How Sam Sees It said...

Since our young pup was such a failure at Agility, and Sam is such an old guy, I think I love your videos because it still lets me dream about it! :D