Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Up to this point Kipling has seen jumps, the contacts, tables, tires and tunnels. He's learning some discrimination, crosses, sends and GOs and he's coming along nicely. The last two obstacles to tick off his resume were the chute and the weaves (and he won't see any weaves for another 2-3 months at least).  Tonight I finally ended up with my chute barrel and my chute fabric in the same place at the same time - and even better the chute fabric attached to the chute barrel. It just so happened that I also had a clicker and some cheese in my pocket - clearly it was time to teach Kipling how to do the chute.

So the video below is Kipling's first chute session - seriously, his very first chute session. I didn't tape the first two reps - the first where I lifted the fabric and called him through it and then the second rep when I realized that the 6' chute (rather than the 12' chute) pretty much meant I wasn't actually going to have to train the chute :-) and I should go get the video camera.

He'll pick up some speed as he gets some more reps - I'm psyched that I'm able to send him to the chute at a bit of a distance and meet him at the other side - also the call-through the chute. He's got it! Lesson for Kipling now is to accelerate out of the chute to prevent turning inside the fabric. He'll also need to see 12' and 15' chute fabrics in the event that he ever plays in venues other than AKC. Oh and pay no attention to Erica running around in pajama pants in broad daylight, I ran three miles in the POURING rain tonight and  when I got home I changed into the first dry 'play' clothes I could find :-)

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How Sam Sees It said...

The chute was an easy one for Sam - but we realized he likes the static he gets from running through it. I've got a strange boy indeed!