Wednesday, May 23, 2012

NOMAD Practice - May23rd, 2012

Kipling, Teller and I (Murphy too actually) headed out to the NOMAD practice tonight. The format consists of three 'stations' with 6-10 dogs per station, three dogs working simultaneously on each of the stations - groups (by height) work through the stations. Followed by a course of some type - tonight it was a USDAA standard course.

Both dogs worked beautifully - Kipling got most of the floor time tonight and I was able to get his run-through turn filmed. He's seeing 22" jumps for the first time tonight and other than the chute - which is really a new obstacle for him still - he did absolutely everything I asked of him.

I expected Kipling to be more scattered in these situations - he hasn't attended any formal classes, his distraction training happening ringside at agility trials. I didn't really expect him to come out (this week and two weekends ago) and be able to run an entire modified course (no weaves) so competently. He's got a great foundation and it's starting to show more and more. He's going to eventually come together!

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