Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Dogwalk and Tunnel Discriminations

Got a quick training session in tonight before heading out to do a quick 7.25 miles around the block (in 1:31:42). Decided to work all three boys tonight with different goals for each.

Kipling is ready to start seeing some discrimination and some 'crappy' angles to contacts - he had both tonight and did pretty well. Last session (not filmed) he seemed to have lost some respect for the bars and was going through them, so tonight I put the jumps up to 16", he's ready for the jumps to come up a bit and he certainly needs to respect the bars. In training (and I would in trial too if it becomes an issue) I always NRM knocked bars. It's an "uh-oh, what happened" - everything stops, there is no next obstacle. I reset the bar and we do the exercise again. If the bar stays up there's a cookie. Pretty simple. This works really well on dogs that have a conscience :-) After the one bar drop, I get much more consideration from Kipling in the air and THAT is what I'm looking for.

Teller's mission tonight was to work some cookie-contacts on the dogwalk - stop on the dogwalk, get a cookie - fair deal. I also expect some funny approaches to contacts and  dogwalk/tunnel discriminations from the judges we'll see in the next few weeks, tonights session seemed like a great night to work both since the dogwalk is currently setup in the yard.

Murphy was super keen to work tonight. Murphy has been mostly retired since 2009, trialing wasn't for him and while he loves to do tricks and train - he's really hit or miss about when he really wants to do anything formal. I generally let him dictate when he wants to work - he'll let me know. It's funny how different it is to work him than Teller or Kipling - I spend a lot of my time squeaking and it's HARD work to keep him 'up' and excited. He worked his 3-4 minutes (one stick session), he happily bounced off some of his contacts (fine Murph, just don't break your leg OK?), played in the tunnel and then went inside for supper. That's pretty much Murphy's ideal session - not a lot of work followed by a hearty meal (tonight's entree was Oma's Pride chicken and veggie mix and sliced organic apples).

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