Sunday, April 01, 2012

Onondaga Kennel Association - March 29th-April 1st, 2012

Teller's QQ Cheeseburger in the flower garden...
Do you know those times when you try to do too much and you end up not doing anything quite right? We had one of those weekends out in Syracuse. I entered Teller in obedience (Open A) on Thursday and Friday and agility Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Thursday and Friday Teller had four runs each day - FAST, Standard, JWW and the obedience - that was a lot. Saturday and Sunday were much more sane with only standard and JWW.

Kipling didn't tip-toe...
The result was lots of running around (literally AND figuratively), two NQ's in obedience...ever have one of those moments where you lead off heeling and your dog sits there thinking you're leading out? Oh and how about completely missing the drop cue? We had ring conflicts that just didn't work out well - on Friday I actually had Teller over at the obedience three times ready to go when there was some change that we had to work around - once when armbands and the judges catalog weren't available (thus that ring started an hour late), then the dog ahead of us checked in at the last minute and thus moving groups, which then put the conflict with our standard run then running from obedience groups out to the car for water (actually powerboost) then right back in for our JWW run. All four runs (FAST, Standard, Obedience and JWW) were within a three hour window. It was just too much.
We found this little lean-to on one of our walks this weekend.
Couldn't resist making the BIG boys pose.

Our agility statistics were better - two FAST Q's, two JWW Q's, one Standard Q and thus one Double Q. Teller made one mistake each of the three missed standard Q's - a dogwalk contact, a popout in the weaves and a weird 'blonde' moment at the a-frame on Saturday - on otherwise lovely runs. JWW runs were nice this weekend too - not his fastest in terms of points, but he have lovely moments (check out the 180 degree bounce in Saturday's JWW run.

Four days of agility! I've separated the videos out by day:




On my feet I skipped the 'trial day mileage calculations' for the weekend and only counted focused walking sessions. Thursday I logged 8 miles in three walking sessions - two miles with each dog and two more running solo. Friday I logged six miles two with each dog. Saturday I logged a whopping 11.5 miles (see how much time that obedience thing took up?) and Sunday even with a 5.5 hour drive home I managed to log 4 miles in the morning walking the boys before Teller's two runs. So that's 29.5 miles plus whatever incidentals that come along with course building, walking courses, running courses, trips to the restroom, etc etc etc...Not too shabby eh?

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