Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kipling says Wheeeeeee!

Kippie has never met a stranger.
Here he is cozying up to spectators and
watching the excellent standard class....
So it's been a while since I've done a Kipling update. He's working hard, he's coming along. He's also a 12 month old intact male adolescent - who is frequently lacking in manners and attention span. Kippie has moments of brilliance and moments of, well...not so brilliance. He's looking more and more like a big boy and at the same time looking so immature as well. At the moment he's SUPER skinny so he's basically eating me out of house and home - for breakfast alone this morning the boy ate six duck necks. I've also made him a couple of boxes of mac and cheese to stabilize his weight a little. I don't need to add a lot of weight to his frame, but I need to not see his ribs through his fluffy coat either.

For fun we've been working on cross-training - go to the park play on the wobble bridge. Go to the trails for a hike, work recalls and jumping over random things. He's proven himself to be very smart, very bold and pretty much not phased by any of the weird things I've asked him to do.

Here's his first session on the slide at the school:

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