Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Kipling!!

Today is Kipling's first birthday. A year ago the hypothetical became the theoretical over the following weeks became reality. Widdle Kay-Doo isn't so little anymore. Some pictures from the evening.
Kippie's sister Jordan sent the boys a party package with hats and cookies.
They liked the cookies and tolerated the hats.

Kipling's first quasi-agility pic. 

Somewhere along the line this week Kipling's dogwalk
contact 'broke'. His 2o2o turned into a sit. We've got
LOTS of time to fix it though!

Teller's dogwalks have been phenomenal this week.
AND I think he might be getting even more HANDSOME!

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local dog walkers said...

cute for the three dogs with the hats and congratulations on your blog. so vine reading and viewing photos.