Sunday, April 22, 2012

Burlington Obedience Training Club - April 20-22, 2012

A QQ cheeseburger in the rain is JUST as good as a plain
old cheeseburger in paradise. Hold the lettuce and tomato!
FINALLY a home show for Team Teller. Three days of trials in an awesome fieldhouse on great turf and getting to come home and sleep in our own bed at night! Oh and a super fun house guest (AND - to Kippie's delight - a super-cute border collie too), lots of mileage on the sneakers around the facility and surrounding bike trails, great dinners out with friends and a SHORT drive home after the trial this afternoon!

Sunday's QQ cheeseburger in the field.
Love the leaves starting to come out! Everything is so
green here in Vermont right now (we are of
course "the GREEN mountain state" after all)!
Teller had a phenomenal weekend in front of the home crowd finishing with 3 JWW Q's, 2 Standard Q's and one T2B Q - missing only Standard on Friday Afternoon! That all translated to 2 double Q's and about 65 points towards that MACH2 we're chipping away at.

Teller was so consistent all weekend - his runs were SMOOTH - just smooth. All that time we spent chasing double-Q, double placements and this weekend we got not one but two more (a pair of reds and a pair of yellows).

Thank you Teller-Woo. You're such a good teammate!

Not a bad weekend for Woo - four placements and four new toys!
I broke the runs into three separate videos by day.



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