Sunday, April 08, 2012

AmericaLhasa Apso Club - April 7-8, 2012

QQ Cheeseburger for T-Woo!
We're back from the Lhasa Apso trial - a great weekend for Teller - by far one of his best weekends. We finished the weekend 3 for 4 - with just one knocked bar short of a perfect weekend on some tough and tight courses. Good dog Woo, Good boy!

Some highlights - choosing a couple of riskier handling strategies that really paid off (the outside line in Saturday's Standard run, the front cross before the first tunnel in Sunday's JWW, etc). Teller hitting all of his contacts all weekend and STOPPING on his dogwalks even with tempting tunnels right in front of him. Oh and the elusive last double-Q/double-placement for his Golden Retriever Club of America's Agility Dog Hall of Fame (ADHF).

Double Q's have been coming pretty consistently for us this year and while he often places in Standard - JWW placements have been fewer and farther between. All the stars were in alignment for yesterday though and that's one more milestone to cross off our 'to-do' list.

The runs from the weekend:

Now for the personal note...I finished the week (Monday through Sunday) with a total of 42 miles on my feet - including nine miles that I logged Saturday and Sunday - but NOT including leash running all of the FAST classes, T2B and little dog standard and JWW runs - probably another 2-3 miles all together, plus walking dogs, walking courses....Good distances this week. For all five workout days that's better than 8 mile/day average.

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