Monday, April 16, 2012

Acclimating the dogs to the heat

So it's April 16th, when the average high temperature should be about 50 degrees. Today it was 85 when I got home from work. SUPER. Just SUPER. But let's make the best of it!

My dogs always have a hard time with the change in weather - and to be honest Teller and Murphy both pretty much melt in heat and humidity - it's what keeps us in Vermont. They are Scottish dogs of course - Teller as Mr. Zero Percent body-fat seems to be particularly impacted by heat.  But since I'm planning to trial outside a bit this summer, we can try to get in some acclimation time before then. Short sessions when it's hot, followed by dogs passed out on the tile floor :-)

So Murphy stayed home this afternoon and Teller, Kipling and I went out to the school for a quick run and retrieve session.

4/16 - Everything within reach - and totally messy!
Leashes, brushes, harnesses, crates, bowls, treats,
water, ribbons, honey, toys...  
Both boys worked a bit when we got home - some 'yellows' on the bottom of the dogwalk.

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