Sunday, March 18, 2012

Schenectady Dog Training Club - March 17-18, 2012

Kippie and I found this waterfall on our hike between 
Teller's JWW and Standard this morning. It was too 
pretty not to take a picture of!!
A four-AM start on Saturday morning, one QQ, one double NQ (today), Woo went two for four with wrong courses this morning in JWW and again this afternoon in standard. We had absolutely gorgeous springtime weather, I was able to log 7 (at least) foot miles and lots and lots of laughs - oh and home by 3:30 this afternoon - plenty of time to defrost the dog food freezer in preparation for another dog food order (there's always that moment when you take a deep breath before plugging in that 30 year old freezer thinking "I hope it comes back on!") then rake and clean up the dog yard from a long and dark winter!. All in all a good weekend!!! And two more chores crossed off this weeks to-do list!

There's nothing like good sneakers, a winding dirt road
There are some 'playdate' pics to follow - but here's Teller's 31st QQ:

Oh and the boys came home to sardines for supper - they look pretty happy eh?
Teller, Kipling and Murphy prepare for sardines.

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