Sunday, March 04, 2012

Nutmeg Border Collie Club - March 2-4, 2012

Friday's QQ Cheeseburger, which Woo shared with Ali-Kat.
We're back from three days down in Hamden, CT for the Nutmeg Border Collie Club's March agility trial returning home with two double-Q's and 59 MACH points for the weekend with an overall 4 Q's in 6 runs for the weekend.

Friday's QQ included a diaper-dog moment (as in he covered my butt) when I sent him ahead to 'tunnel' and he committed to the chute, then called off the chute and into the correct end of the tunnel. Good dog, honest dog - thank you Woo - you really earned that cheeseburger!!!

The 'kidz' at mile 2.5 on the canal trail.
We were a solid double NQ for Saturday - first with ME traveling on a serp-line and then pushing him into the wrong end of a tunnel discrimination in standard. Interesting, I've never seen a class where there were ZERO Q's in both the 26" and the 24" class - precisely why the crowd groaned when Woo hit that wrong end of the tunnel - they were so rooting for SOMEONE to get through clean!!

After the trial Saturday afternoon we got all six dogs out for a hike on the canal-way in Hamden - 4.5 miles in a little over 1:15. SUPER good times and really tired little doggies on Saturday night!
Back at home, Teller's Sunday QQ Cheeseburger.

We came back strongly for a nice QQ on Sunday with a good chunk of MACH points (27 for the day) on two courses that were only 18 obstacles each. For those who might not think about points this way - almost any dog is going to earn more points on a 20 obstacle course than on an 18 obstacle course. The reason is all about yards per second, more obstacles, more yards. That longer course has more yardage and thus more time for the dog to run a faster YPS (yards per second) than on a shorter course - more time (if you will) to beat time :-)

 Teller ran beautifully all weekend - good dog, good runs and good friends! No complaints...up next for Woo? A bit of time off and a professional massage - oh and we're hoping to get out for an outside run tomorrow!

From the 'staying on track' (my track) perspective, I had another weekend where I packed and ate salads (packed freshly every night) for a couple of my trial buddies and I made us great healthy dinners every night: hearty (peppers, zucchini and chicken) chili (207 calories) and a squash and chicken stir-fry sans the actual fry part in my ceramic wok (246 calories) - yes, I actually brought my wok for a dog show weekend!!!

BTW - for those in the Meriden/Hamden/Wallingford area, I presume y'all know about KiwiSpoon? Fantastic frozen yogurt bar, lots of super-fresh fruit toppings, make your own deliciousness! We treated ourselves on Saturday afternoon after that long walk :-) Thanks to my friend Jess for the tip and very happy that there isn't a KiwiSpoon up this-a-way!!!

Woo's runs for the weekend:

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