Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mileage at LEAP

OK, so here's a new one. How many miles do you think you walk at an agility trial? From the moment you step out of your car to the moment you climb wearily back into it at the end of the day. From 6am to 5pm - or 6am to 3pm (on those glorious days that START with BIG dogs), walking your dogs, back and forth to the car, building courses, walking courses, score running, leash running, trips to the restroom, etc - it all adds up.

So what do you think? Two miles? Five miles? TEN miles? I've been using an iphone application called LogYourRun - I use it to track my walking and running distances, to calculate my speed on a per-mile basis, to track elevation changes and to better calculate my calorie burn. I've been averaging about 30-35 miles per week and am struggling a bit now finding more time to add more distance. The problem with LogYourRun is that it relies on GPS features which are dependent on having a good cell signal. In a couple of the places we trial there is no cell signal at all inside the building, which means that I can't track distance I log leash running (as an example). So when I realized that I had cell signal inside and out of the facility last weekend I set up an experiment.

My first test came Friday afternoon when after setting up crates for the boys I realized that it was approximately .27 miles from the crating area to the revolving doors (and .30 from the crating area to the bathroom). Clearly this weekend was going to add up the mileage in a big way!
Saturday's mileage - click for larger image.

So 6:00am, I rolled onto show grounds and turned on "Log your Run". I have the app configured to stop the timer when I stop moving and restart the timer when I move again. In all LYR thinks that I spent about 4.5 hours moving - which sounds just about right. I didn't leash run or score run this weekend. I did help with course building for all four of my classes. I also didn't deliberately head out for walks other than stretching everyone's legs every couple of hours or so - I did decide with the chaos (and the super thick crowds of people) to walk the dogs one at a time - some quality time for Murphy, some training time for Kipling and Teller 'is the best dog' time  - Woo's favorite part of the weekend.

Still trying to figure out mileage? According to LYR, I logged 10.18 miles between 6am and 3pm. I wore my phone all day except for about 5 minutes before my runs, during my runs and then for a couple of minutes after my runs.
Sunday's Mileage - click for larger image

Sunday I stepped up the distance now that I had a baseline estimate of the average day at a trial. I walked 1.5 miles on the track around the facility with my friend Ann. I ran 4 laps (a bit more than 1 mile) around the outside of the facility with Teller and then walked two more with Murphy and Kipling. My total distance for Sunday was a bit over 14.25 miles.

Interestingly enough these numbers correlated with Ann's own LYR distances on her Verizon iPhone - so I don't have any reason to doubt accuracy.

There are a couple of anomalies though, I know that I never actually crossed through the center of the facility - there were two soccer fields parallel to each other and while one was used as the two agility rings, the other two fields were in use as soccer and football fields there are a few lines that presumed that I did - which means that my overall mileage was probably higher than the 14.27.

These numbers do not include walking dogs at the hotel - morning, evening and late-night or the rest of the miscellaneous mileage that goes on with life with dogs!

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