Monday, March 26, 2012

LEAP - March 24-25, 2012

Mixed bag for Team Teller this weekend at the LEAP trial and it has me re-thinking going back to this venue next year for this trial. March in New England is typically not outdoor soccer weather as it was last week - so of the three turf fields at the Star Hill Center - two of them had constant soccer games on them, there were footballs flying through the air, balls hitting the netting dividing the fields. Crating was on a basketball court next to a volleyball game - actually next to two simultaneous volleyball games. I've been to this venue before in June and October and the whole vibe was much quieter even with all the other activities going on.

Lots of slipping on Saturday from Teller - getting used to turf after a winter of dirt and rubber matting..We finished Saturday with a QQ.

Sunday was a different story, Everyone who knows Teller knows he is virtually unflappable - but three footballs going up in the air and hitting the netting startled him during our standard run, he looked up at the balls and completely missed the #3 jump, I brought him back - everything else was gorgeous and I used the mistake to train the rest of the course. Jumpers was a great run with a missed weave entry - I'll take responsibility for this one, I rear crossed the poles and totally disconnected from him.

Alas we live to play another day!

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