Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ipswitch River Wildlife Sanctuary

So the part two of last weekend (which technically ought to bepart one since it happened BEFORE the dog show part - but I digress):

The boys and I got up extra early Friday morning so that I could get in a three mile walk/run before the trial weekend - dog show days can go any number of ways and often time this means that I don't get the mileage in that I'd like to. Blah, blah - got 3 miles logged in about 55 minutes.

I had arranged to meet my friends Sharon and Lesley at a wildlife sanctuary north of Boston - a three hour and change trip for us, but I'm told that the birding is amazing and we just HAD to go. So we went  - the weather was gorgeous - sunshine in and out of cloud cover and mid to upper 50's. Yes, this is MARCH in New England!!! The birds at the sanctuary were absolutely amazing - truly - for me topped by the St. Francis of Assis moments with the birds (literally) eating out of my hand. We saw thousands of chickadees, some downy woodpeckers, tittmouses, nuthatches, a couple of blue jays, cardinals, red squirrels and lots of beaver activity (but no beaver). All the while our dogs were stuck in the cars while we hiked around the sanctuary.

And a video from Friday:

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