Thursday, March 15, 2012

From 'winter' to late spring..

My dogs have historically struggled a bit when winter temperatures start to bleed into spring and late spring temperatures. We haven't really had much winter - snow or cold, but when we go from the 40's to the mid to upper 60's it's a shock to their furry bodies. Yesterday it was 45 degrees and misting when Teller and I ran 4.25 miles around town. Tonight just 23 hours later it was 67 degrees and sunny when I brought the dogs to the school. The boys galloped around for about 40 minutes but were clearly 'done' at that point - nothing a bit of water and belly planting on the tile floor wouldn't fix. The downside was that I had to run my 3.9 miles by myself tonight - just as well at the 1.9 mile mark the skies opened up and POURED! I ran home a but faster than my plan and still ended up soaked to the skin with spring rain....could be worse, but eh...

Anyhow, I brought my camera out for today's romp and retrieve session:

If all else fails 'lay down' - soccer on one side and capture the flag on the other.
My three dogs off-leash in the middle! Super good dogs eh?
Note that Murphy has to be 'different'.

Kippie (in raging adolescence) being a dweeb (again) and bashing into very
patient (and forgiving) Teller.  

Kipling's 11 month old portrait.

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