Sunday, March 11, 2012

American Bullmastiff Association - March 10-11th, 2012

QQ Cheeseburger!
This is one of those weekends that deserves a part one and a part two blog post - here's the first part and I'll omit as many spoilers about part two as I can :-)

So the trial...American K9 Country has pretty much become our home away from home and Teller ran beautifully all weekend...we had a 'bump' in our Saturday standard run - just before the tunnel. I don't think we actually made contact, but I can see on the 'big' screen how it looks like we did. I made the cross, he came into me - I pushed to the tunnel opening and our paths converged. Oh well! We got called for it, thus no 'perfect' weekend for the team (which would have been REALLY nice) but we went three Q's for our four runs with four fantastic runs.

The whole spring-ahead thing wrecked me today (as in alarm going off at the OLD 4am) and a super long day at the trial site (we finished JWW at 5:30PM tonight) so we were late getting home and even with the extra daylight we STILL got home in the pitch black darkness. That means you'll have to wait for another day to see the part two!

Here's the video from the weekend:

P.S. - I totally skipped the treadmill at the gym this weekend. BUT - ended up getting 8 miles in (on three separate outings) on Friday - that's part two. On Saturday I leash ran for four classes in a row (excellent fast, open fast, novice fast, little dog excellent standard) - about 100 runs, course-built the standard and JWW classes and got outside to get in 3.5 miles in laps around the building - stopping only to swap out dogs so that each dog got about a mile of power walking mid-day. Sunday I repeated the leash running, added some score running and settled for 2.8 miles before I had to get back in the building to build the Excellent JWW course. I have this app that actually charts my route, elevation changes, distance, etc- it's so handy! As you can see we just did laps today (10 laps around and around the facility) each lap is about 1/4 mile! 

Lots of steps, lots of activity and really good choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'm still relying really heavily on the protein drinks and bars on the weekends - mostly because I can get protein 'on-board' quickly without actually having to sit down and focus. I get busy and I just forget to eat, then end up at the end of the day either having made bad choices "yes, I'll have that mini snickers and those two oreo cookies" or I get to the end of the day and I've eaten virtually nothing (a piece of fruit is not fuel for a busy day). Next trial weekend I want to rely less on the protein shakes and more on the yogurts and fruits that I always pack - I feel a little silly packing yummy greek yogurt for the weekend only to UNPACK it and put it back into the fridge when I get home again.

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