Monday, January 16, 2012

Southern Adirondack Agility Club - January 14-16th, 2012

Kippie modeling his Baker Blanket
January in New England, January in upstate New York - you never know. Last weekend it was 55 degrees and we were playing outside (in NH) and this weekend it was...well....25 degrees and sleet and snow on the drive down (yuck), Saturday brought rapidly falling temperatures the official high was 23 degrees at 2am down to -1 at 8pm with 50mph winds with wind chill of -15. Ugg! Sunday's high was a whopping 10 degrees but the wind had moved out and we had brilliant sunny skies, today temps got into the mid-20's again again without the wind. In retrospect at home temps never got out of the single digits from Friday night through Monday afternoon - I missed the worst of it!

We had to hit WalMart for long underwear, a hat and some new mittens. The result was that Saturday was pretty miserable, but Sunday and Monday weren't so bad! I generally work out of the van whenever possible and with a couple of strategic starts (and leaving the car running for a while), coats on the dogs and the sunshine, my boys were comfortable all weekend - I think my van was warmer than the trial building. All three days the dogs got out for some really nice long walks - a half an hour at a time a couple times a day - everyone got to stretch their legs, keep their muscles warm under their coats and they all got some extra cookies and work the crowds.

It ended up being a fantastic weekend for Teller. In short Teller was 5 for 6 for the weekend - three standard legs plus two JWW legs = 2 QQ's and 72 MACH points!

In long we had a bobble in our Saturday JWW runs - I drove too deep to a tunnel and ended up too far behind him to get an 'out' jump down another line. I hadn't intended to go that deep to the tunnel and I hadn't intended to be on that 'off' side after it. Oh well!

In related news, while Kipling was in the building - between classes - I took the opportunity to work him a little over the practice jump. Wait, recall over jump, rear cross left, rear cross right - distractions all around focus on the task, get chicken and lots of squeaky 'yays'!!! You can do a lot with one jump!

In related news I got to watch Kipling's mother and grandmother run this weekend - both Chyna and Carlie had great runs and a couple of Q's: Carlie finishing her OA and picking up her first AXJ leg. YAY mommy!

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