Monday, January 09, 2012

Goals for 2012

I did my year-end recap for 2011 - that's here:

Now it's time for the look ahead - goals and hopes for the next year.

For Murphy:
-- I'd love Murphy to not have to spend ANY time in a cone this year! I'd like to keep him happy, healthy and challenged all year. Here's to hoping that bumps (and resulting complications from bump removals), demodex, balancing and re-balancing thyroid level are all behind us for 2012. Murphy won't see any rings or entries, but I'd really like to keep him better stimulated this year - with the puppy arriving last year he got short-changed a bit on the training rotation. It doesn't have to be much, but Murphy needs to get his turn more often and more consistently. Murphy needs to learn some new tricks!

For Teller:
--Of course first and foremost - I wish and hope for a happy, healthy and sound Teller-Woo this year. I work very hard to train all of them correctly, to feed them the best and hopefully most biologically appropriate rations and I work very hard to keep all of them physically and mentally sound. Continuation of that is my first priority.

Competition-wise I think that the sky is really Teller's limit this year. He's running beautifully in agility - we're working so well as a team right now - I feel like we can do anything this year.
--In the short term, I want to get Teller qualified for the 2013 National Championships in Tulsa, OK at his regular (24") jump height.
--I want to finish Teller's GRCA ADHF (Agility Dog Hall of Fame) to do that he needs one more double-Q, double-placement.
--I haven't entirely decided if I want to drop him down to 20" preferred or keep him at 24" regular. We have until April 1st to decide (if we're aiming for 20" preferred in Tulsa we can't trial at 24" after April 1st). If we stay at 24" I'd like to get through MACH2 this year, if we drop to 20" preferred (we have to go back to open) I'd like to aim towards the PACH. I think we'll push through for the ADHF and see where we end up QQ and points-wise.
--I'd like to try some USDAA with Teller this year, there's one local trial - we should aim for it - if only to see what it's all about.
--Obedience. 2012 is the year that we've got to wrap up the CDX - he got his first two CDX legs two years ago and I just haven't made it a priority to go back, train and get that last one. I WILL make the commitment to do it in 2012. Teller is mostly ready for utility, would love to have the option of trying Utility A with my best boy this year.

For Kipling:
--The happy and healthy part covers Kipling too. This year will bring preliminary clearances, more training, more conditioning, more expectations - it's a very exciting prospect.
--Kipling will hit the breed ring in Canada in the spring - a few weekends here and there. Hopefully he'll be able to finish his Canadian Championship this summer.
--Agility/obedience/rally - I'm not sure yet. I might toss the baby dog in novice rally for some exposure - it will depend on a lot of variables, but in general no pressure to do anything this year. Train, build confidence, get some exposure - be a happy puppy!

For Me:
Photo by Karen Hocker
-- This is the year that I'm going to put as much thought into the care and feeding of myself as I do my dogs and I'm putting it out to the universe to hold myself accountable! I spend a lot of time making sure they're eating grain-free, gluten free, whole foods - nothing processed. I'm going to do the same for myself - nothing processed: no pasta, no bread, no more canned soup (which has been my go to dinner on busy nights), no cheese (sigh, no cheese). In general, no more shortcuts when cooking is inconvenient - though I DO fully intend to cook my chicken and I'm going to pass on the duck necks :-)

Yes, I know - It's about time eh? So, I'm going to cook more and I'm going to actually cross-train myself!  Murphy is my new jogging partner - we ran a mile today after I got home from training Kipling and Teller - this was my first road run since I blew out my knee years ago - it felt pretty good actually! I'm going to do something about being the slow half of the team! Anyone locally want to join me?

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