Sunday, January 08, 2012

Agility Club of New Hampshire - January 7-8, 2012

We finished the weekend two for four - a very tempting wrong course on Saturday JWW and we fell victim to the new "chort chute" on Saturday standard - Teller came out of that chute like "holy cow, how did THAT happen?" and I couldn't push him back onto the line. Perhaps if I had run that line on the other side? The other side would have put me significantly further behind than I'd have liked for the next line. Oh well! If we're going to be 50% for the weekend, it's good to have the two Q's on the same day!

Happily we saw the shorter chute in JWW this morning and by the time we saw it again in standard we'd worked it out :-) We ended the weekend with a double Q and 36 points. Chip, chip chipping away at that MACH2 :-)

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